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Large Electric

Mercedes E-Sprinter Progressive L2 H2 (DC 80 KW)

£750 + VAT per month

This is a beast of an electric van! It offers a massive 95 miles of real-world electric range despite being 5.9m long and bringing 11 cubic metres of cargo space and 731kg of payload to the party.

  • Beast of an Electric Van With 95 Mile Range
  • Electric - Congestion Charge Free
  • 800 Miles Per Month
  • 10.5m3 Load Volume

Subscriptions with DriveSimple

  • Brand new
  • Flexible monthly easing (with 12-month initial term)
  • Servicing & Maintenance included
  • 800 miles per month
  • Zero deposit
  • Far lower committed amount vs 3 or 4 year lease
  • Simple monthly VAT
  • Cheaper in practice

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