Who are we?

We are serial entrepreneurs and industry veterans who have bought and run more than £50m of vehicles. We have also spent years starting and scaling all sorts of dynamic businesses and we saw first-hand that vehicles were a real pain point. So we made it simple.

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Brett Akker
Can we get a van with DriveSimple?

If you're a Limited Company, then you can get a van with us. We deal with a lot of early-stage companies, so don't assume you won't get a van just because you’re new.

How quickly can we have the van?

If we have it in stock, you can have it within 5 working days of your application being approved. We can deliver the van to you free of charge or you can collect it from us.

How long does the application process take?

Usually less than a day if you provide everything we ask for.

What does the application process involve?

All you need to do is DocuSign the contract, perform an ID verification, and send us your bank statements.

When do we pay?

You input your card details when you apply, but we don't charge you until you have signed the contract and confirmed you're happy with the exact van spec and want to proceed. We then charge your card a couple of days before the agreed delivery date. Your next monthly payment then goes out a month after the delivery date.

What is included?

Everything except insurance and fuel. We cover the costs of servicing, maintenance, roadside assistance, tyres, windscreens, and windows, and anything else van related – except for negligence.

What's not included?

You are only charged more if you damage the vehicle, fail to insure it properly or drive further than your agreed mileage.

What if I drive over my allowance in a month?

We know that not every month will be the same, so your mileage allowance rolls over for the whole duration that you have the van. If you consistently drive further than the monthly allowance, then we may start to charge an excess mileage fee. This is usually 10p or 20p per mile, but you should check what amount is in your agreement.

What if we want to return the van early?

There is a 3-month charge if you cancel within 12 months. This means you will pay for 3 months when you don’t get to use the van. This is because the depreciation on a brand-new van is front loaded, so we need to ensure we recoup some of this cost if you return it early. Once 12 months is up, the contract becomes monthly rolling, so this charge goes away, and you can return the van with 1 month notice.

Who is responsible for the van?

We will pay for the things mentioned above, but you are ultimately the keeper of the van and are responsible for the condition and safety of the van and whoever is driving it. So best to put in place some weekly or monthly checks.

Who can drive the van?

You are responsible for providing comprehensive insurance for the van and this will restrict who can legally drive the vehicle. You are responsible for the driver, but if they are fully insured by you and driving within the Highway Code, they are ok with us. The one restriction is that you’re not allowed to hire or sublease the van.

What happens if I breakdown?

We provide you with our breakdown fleet number to call in event of breakdowns. The breakdown team will either fix your van on the roadside or get you to safety and the van to a garage for repairs.

How does the van servicing & maintenance work?

You can take the van into your local manufacturer approved service centre. You are not authorised to approve works, but we are always on hand to liaise with the centre directly to approve and pay for the work.

What happens with VAT?

VAT is chargeable on all our monthly prices. As our vans are all commercially rated, if you’re VAT registered, the VAT should be recoverable.

Will my van be new?

Yes. Unless otherwise agreed, your van will be brand-new with only delivery mileage on it.

Can we brand the van?

Yes. Just remove professionally before returning the van.

Can we add racking & roof racks to the van?

Yes. Just remove before returning the van.

Can we modify the van?

Certain modifications are allowed, but you will need to run these by us to ensure that we have approved them prior to the work being done.

Can we take the van abroad?

Yes, for up to 30 days to most countries with specific written permission, which you can get from us by email.

What happens if we have an accident?

It will be important for you to make sure you claim on your insurance at the time. You are responsible for returning the van in its expected condition which allows for fair wear and tear or paying back the value of the van.

Are we allowed to smoke in the van?

No. We don’t mind you having a smoke near the back doors occasionally, but we need the vans to be fit to hire out to someone else when you return it. If it doesn’t meet those standards, you will have pay to improve it or for the lost value.

Anything else?

We have tried to make this simple but if we have missed anything or if you would like a no-pressure chat with one of our experts, please book this here.

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