Who are we?

We are serial entrepreneurs and industry veterans who have bought and run more than £50m of vehicles. We have also spent years starting and scaling all sorts of dynamic businesses and we saw first-hand that vehicles were a real pain point. So we made it simple.

John Agnew
Brett Akker
How quickly can we have the vehicle?

If we have it in stock you can have it within 5 working days. If not, we will work with you to get it to you asap but generally within 4 weeks. We will deliver the vehicle to you free of charge and take you through a handover process.

What is included?

Everything except insurance and fuel. We cover the costs of servicing, roadside assistance, tyres, windscreens, and windows, and anything else vehicle related. We will send assistance to your location or ask you to take the vehicle to your local service centre and we will pay them direct. You only pay extra if you treat the vehicle poorly, drive badly, fail to insure it properly or incur excess mileage fees at 10p per mile.

Who is responsible for the vehicle?

We will pay for the things mentioned above, but you are ultimately the keeper of the vehicle and are responsible for the condition and safety of the vehicle. So best to put in place some weekly or monthly checks.

Who can drive the vehicle?

You are responsible for providing comprehensive insurance for the vehicle and this will mandate who can legally drive the vehicle. As long as they are fully insured by you and driving within the Highway Code they are ok with us.

What happens with VAT?

VAT is chargeable on all our monthly prices. All our vehicles are commercially rated and where they are used for business purposes only the VAT should be recoverable.

Why is there a 3-month charge?

There is a 3-month charge if you cancel within 12 months. This means you will pay for 3 months when you don’t get to use the vehicle. This is because the costs relating to the vehicle are not evenly spread and the first-year costs far more than the second, so if you cancel, we need to recover some of this cost. We also hope that you will appreciate our flexibility and service but also stay with us as you grow and become a long-term valued customer. This charge helps dissuade people who actually just need the vehicles for a few months and who would otherwise drive up the costs for everyone. Trust us, as a maximum commitment, this is a lot less than 48 months of a ‘great deal’ loaded with extras.

Why don’t we offer cars too?

We are trying to stay focussed on providing better options for commercial vehicles right now. We may offer cars in the future for corporate users. Feel free to get in touch if you would be interested in a car on a DriveSimple contract.

Will my vehicle be new?

Yes. While we are growing and adding to our fleet all our vehicles will be new.

Can we brand the vehicle?

Yes. As long as you remove it afterwards and return it in the condition it should be. Decals and wraps are easy to remove and work best for everyone. We can also help organise this for you.

Can we take the vehicle abroad?

Yes, for up to 30 days to most countries with specific written permission, which you can get from us by email.

What happens if we damage the vehicle or have an accident?

You are responsible for returning the vehicle in its expected condition which allows for fair wear and tear. Anything above this will be your responsibility and you will have pay to improve this or for the lost value. If you have an accident it will be important for you to make sure you claim on your insurance at the time.

Are we allowed to smoke in the vehicle?

No. We don’t mind you having a smoke near the back doors occasionally but we need the vehicles to be fit to hire out to someone else when you return it. If it doesn’t meet those standards you will have pay to improve it or for the lost value.

Anything else?

We have tried to make this simple but if we have missed anything or if you would like a no-pressure chat with one of our experts, please book this here.

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